Can we do away with regular passwords by using OTPs for virtual expos?

November 9th,2017

With a rise in the number of users getting online, data breaches have also increased. It is quite common these days to hear of user passwords being compromised. The most


Virtual fairs can complement traditional fairs effectively

August 23rd,2017

Virtual fairs are not a new concept, but they are a niche concept. That is, not every organization will be able to take advantage of virtual fairs in their marketing


Partner with Us!

January 31st,2017

Tradeshows and conferences are often attended by companies in order to generate leads and close deals. These events are also great for people who want to attend for the networking


Join in on our webinar series and learn more about virtual expos

January 20th,2017

We’re pleased to announce the start of our webinar series aimed at organizations that are considering conducting a virtual expo in the near future. Please see the schedule below for