Go green with virtual expos!

    November 29th,2016

The current rhetoric around the world places an emphasis on the climate change phenomenon –- whether it is Al Gore who sees it as the great challenge of our time, or Donald Trump who denies it. The world as we know it is almost unanimous that climate change and global warming are grave issues, and the Paris Agreement that has been signed by nearly all countries emphasizes that.

However, with the amount of information (and disinformation) that is out there regarding the environmental challenges that we face, it wouldn’t surprise me if you feel a little overwhelmed and helpless at being able to make a positive impact on climate change. So, why yet another article focusing on ways we can combat environmental challenges through changes to our lifestyle? Well, in my view, not only is it well worth our effort to do our utmost to preserve the planet for future generations, but it is also possible to succeed at this, provided we are each prepared to shoulder a little of the responsibility.

The current trade fair industry contributes to global warming

Each of us is in our day to day life contributing to global warming, whether it is by driving a car, or taking a flight, or using electrical appliances in our homes. There are many companies that are trying to make an impact, ranging from Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric cars, to various manufacturers of solar panels and other “green” products. HostMyExpo prides itself on driving part of this change towards more sustainable living.

Globally, the multi-million dollar trade fair industry contributes towards a fair share of worldwide air travel. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of brochures and marketing material need to be printed, all of which have a short shelf-life. In most cases, these will be disposed of within a year, as they become outdated. Add to this the printing of banners and other display material, most of which cannot be used beyond a few trade fairs, and we see that the global trade fair industry has a carbon footprint that cannot be termed insignificant.

Why virtual fairs are a more environmentally-friendly alternative

Virtual fairs are similar to physical fairs, such as the regular trade fairs that you may be familiar with—the exception being that they are held online rather than at a physical venue. Virtual fairs are a niche industry, as not all trade fairs and exhibitions can be held online. Yet, in other cases, a more advanced virtual fair platform such as our own, HostMyExpo, with its video chat and webinar capability, can fill in the need for face to face interaction. In such cases, a virtual fair can be used to either complement or replace a fair at a physical venue. The result is that participants and exhibitors in these virtual fairs not only do their bit to combat global climate change by avoiding the need to travel and print marketing material, but the fair is also lighter on their pockets – a win-win scenario!

For a great primer on what global warming is and how it affects us, take a look at the following article: http://www.vox.com/cards/global-warming/what-is-global-warming