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    January 31st,2017

Tradeshows and conferences are often attended by companies in order to generate leads and close deals. These events are also great for people who want to attend for the networking opportunities. Physical trade shows often favor large corporations who usually have a huge marketing budget. These organizations take up the prime advertising spaces and draw the majority of the visitors with attractive freebies and giveaways. However, the internet is beginning to change the equation in favour of smaller businesses by levelling the playing field.

With the increasing number of internet users, the need for an interactive platform where they can regularly engage with organizations, both large and small, is also growing. This is an emerging market which leverages the convergence of different technologies, such as webinars, video conferencing, and text chat, altogether providing an immersive experience that will soon rival the experience of attending a physical trade show.

The HostMyExpo virtual fair platform has great features that allow visitors to interact with representatives of organizations in real-time, submit documents, participate in live knowledge sharing sessions, and more. It is packed with communication tools and can be accessed using smartphones as well.

Virtual fairs can be used to conduct different types of virtual fairs, ranging from career fairs to education expos, as well as trade shows and virtual conferences. The virtual event market is poised to grow from $14 Billion in 2018 to $18 Billion in 2023[1].

Since HostMyExpo allows organizers to host their own fairs, they are at liberty to schedule the fair according to their convenience. Moreover, there are significant savings in time and cost for organizations that use this platform, as they will not have to travel across the world in order to interact with their target audience.

Requirements for Agents

As an agent, you will find leads or assist with sales of the HostMyExpo virtual fair platform within your territory.

You would need:

    A good understanding of technology-related products and services.

    Good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

    Knowledge of local language and market

    A good understanding of local customer requirements.

Benefits of Being an Agent

    Low investment – High ROI

    Training provided on marketing and technical aspects

    Huge market for future growth

    Technical support provided

About HostMyExpo

HostMyExpo, a SaaS-based web-applications provider, has developed a virtual expo platform for its customers. The company aims to revolutionize the way career expos, recruitment events, and trade fairs are conducted.